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Silvercoin Tequila = respecting tradition, showcasing the pure characters of the agave plant and finishing with our signature smoothness. That is our goal executed by our Tequilero and Master Distiller.

With the most respected tequilero in Mexico, in combination with our world-renown distiller with over 33 years in tequila making, we embrace the traditions of Tequila and incorporate our unique style in the process, successfully producing the smoothest tequila in the world, while retaining the mildly sweet and citrus notes of the agave.

Silvercoin agave is grown, single sourced and produced by Grupo Tequilero Mexico in Arandas, Mexico. Officially founded in 1987, with 150 years of passed down family traditional tequila making wisdon, this family-owned company owns 543 acres of agave fields in the Los Altos regions, considered the Napa Valley of Mexico. With their state of the art new distillery, house-made distilled water, our signature hand made bottles and trademark name, Silvercoin is distinctly respected in the industry and with consumers.

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