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Our Process

The process of making any Tequila begins with the harvesting of the Agave. Each Agave for our super premium SilverCoin Tequila is selected individually for maximum maturity and sweetness. The Jimador (the Agave harvester) gradually cuts away the sharp Pencas, the spiny fronds of the Agave, to get to the Piña (‘pineapple’), the sweet center of the plant. The trimmed Piña is then transported to our distillery in Arandas, Jalisco. There, the Piña is split in half and cooked for 15 hours in pressurized steel tanks called ‘autoclaves’, which further breaks down the inulin (agave sugars) that the yeast will consume during the fermentation process, taking away bitterness and enhancing the fruit flavors and higher sweetness. After steam cooking, the Agave is light brown and tastes much like a sweet potato with brown sugar.


Since 2005, SilverCoin Tequila’s singular goal is hand crafting the highest quality, smoothest finishing tequila in the world made with organically grown 100% Blue Weber Agave

The cooked Agave is then ground to pulp, house-produced distilled water is added, and the extended fermentation process begins for 144 to 160 hours for superior flavor and scent. During the first distillation process, the first portion of the distillate (the head) to come off the condenser is drained off. This contains unwanted and toxic methyl alcohol and aldehydes. The end portion (tail) contains heavier elements, so it is discarded. The desired portion is the middle section, el corazon (the heart), called the Ordinario. This same process is repeated in the second distillation, and the heart is raw tequila.

After two distillations to proof in pot stills, as with all tequilas, water is added to back to the distillate to obtain the bottling strength. With this, our SilverCoin recipe uses the minimum amount of distilled water in the industry. Our unique and precise process provides a smooth richness, our trademark viscosity and roundness of flavor not found in other silver tequilas. At the end of the process, SilverCoin is ready for bottling in our hand-made bottles from Guadalajara. Our Anejo and Reposado tequilas will be released in 2016.

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