Triple Gold & Best in Show!

Silvercoin is proud to announce Triple Gold Winner Award Winner - Best in Show from Micro Liquor for Taste. Our Blanco was also awarded Silver from SIP Awards and Silver & Double Gold Medals from San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Enjoy Silvercoin tequila straight up or in your preferred cocktail.

Harvesting Our Agave

The Agave plants harvested for our super premium SilverCoin Tequila are selected individually when they've reached maximum maturity and sweetness. We cut away the sharp Pencas (spiny fronds of the Agave) to get to the 'Pina'. The trimmed Pina is then transported to our distillery in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico.

Be a discerning Tequila Aficionado

Silvercoin has over 150 years of passed down traditional family tequila making wisdom and culture, in addition to one of Mexico's most esteemed master distillers with 39 years experience in the tequila industry. Our award winning tequila is a reflection of our unique style in the process, which produces the smoothest tequila in the world while retaining the mildly sweet & citrus notes of the agave.

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